Thursday, 23 June 2016

High-End on a Shoestring


I guess you could compare me to a volcano right now - I've gone from being completely dormant and only blogging once every couple of months to fully erupting and being unable to stay away!

I just had to tell you about my latest purchase though. I popped into my local charity shop this afternoon and my eyes lit up as soon as I spotted these beauties. Much to my delight, they were a size 5 and fitted perfectly

What first drew me to these was the beautiful tan colour, and being wedges, I imagine they will be so much easier to walk in than the strappy ASOS heels I recently tottered around Mallorca in. After picking one up to look for the size, I noticed they were in fact Russell & Bromley, and priced at £5 I just couldn't say no! Since buying them, I've been wearing them all afternoon and they're very comfortable. My only little niggle is that they pinch ever so slightly around the top which is just down to the peep-toe style, and I'm sure the leather will continue to soften over time. 

I really love the style of these. The wedge is around 7.5cm high so they are perfect to wear throughout the day and I really don't find the height to be an issue - I certainly don't feel as if i'm tipping forwards in them when I walk. I also think the little gold plaque at the back displaying the brand name is a lovely touch. I'm sure I will get so much wear out of these this summer, and imagine they will look great with skinny jeans or even dresses and skirts.

Working in a shoe shop I'd like to think I know the tricks of the trade when it comes to shoe care, so I've since applied some neutral wax to them and it's really helped to enhance the tan colour and remove the little scuffs and scratches that were present. Honestly though, at £5 I really can't complain!

After doing a bit of snooping on Google, I found out that this style of wedge is called 'Candyfloss' and the suede version is on the Russell & Bromley website priced at £115, so I really did get a bargain!

So, if you ever find yourself struggling to contemplate spending hundreds of pounds on a designer pair of shoes, remember to check out your local charity shops first - you never know what gems you might come across!



  1. Completely in love with those shoes, great colour! x

  2. Ah what a good find, such a bargain! I really need to do some more charity shopping!

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