Tuesday, 6 September 2016

I'm Back to Blogging (Kinda)

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Wowowowow. It's been a while since I visited this little space on the internet. I wanted to write an update (if anybody is interested) and to try and get back into blogging more regularly.

So first things first it's been bloody ages since I last posted, I know. Here's why:

1) I had a cycling accident.
Yeah... I fell off. Picture this: Girl on bike goes down a hill at ludicrously fast speeds. Girl realises there's a bend in the road coming up. Girl doesn't realise it's a sharp bend. Girl swerves and brakes.. and skids on gravel.. SMACK.
A trip to A+E for stitches in my thigh managed to sort me out, though I was left with a knee the size of Jupiter thanks to the way I not-so-gently met the concrete. It was anything but a soft landing let me tell you. Oh, and just to add another injury into the mix, I also have a stretched ligament. This cycling lark is all fun and games! But on a brighter note, *puts on sunnies* it could have been SO much worse.
Life lesson: always wear your helmet, kids (and maybe a full padded body suit in my case).

2) I lost someone. Again.
August last year was the last time I attended a funeral. I was hoping it would be the last one for a while. Sadly not. The first day of August my nan passed away. We are all heartbroken. To me it is more than a loss of one person; it is the loss of another generation from the family. I'll always have fond memories of when me and my brother were little, Game Boys in hand, ready to spend the day at our grandparents' house. Either that, or I'd stick the TV on and watch Bewitched. Wasn't that just the best show ever back in the day?! I've experienced grief a little too often unfortunately, but I still find the acceptance bit hard. How are you supposed to come to terms with never seeing someone ever again? 
Life lesson: appreciate every day. Time is precious. You never know when you might see someone for the last time.

3) I've been making plans (ish)
Ok, so another holiday has been booked for the end of this month. I'd like to say i'm looking forward to it but my head feels like it's a giant bowl of spaghetti right now, so i'm not too sure. The destination is of course Spain (who would've guessed?!) and i'm hoping to just sit by the beach and be super-chill whilst watching the waves roll in, and not have to worry about checking to see if we have a size 4G school shoe in stock for the woman who has left it so incredibly last-minute. Ah.
Other plans include looking for a new job. I fancy something different - perhaps a job I can do that doesn't involve going up and down a staircase 65 times each day and somewhere that I'm not at risk of my ligament snapping. Maybe an office job. Who knows?
Life lesson: Get a grip. Be decisive. Find a job NOW.

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