Wednesday, 11 November 2015

A chatty mishmash of a blog post for you this week as I'm all out of sync with what day it is! I usually have Wednesdays off work so there's no confusion there, I just can't get my head around working all day tomorrow when I usually spend Thursdays sipping coffee and dawdling aimlessly around the handbag section in TK Maxx. 

Last week it wasn't just the handbag section I dawdled around, though. I ventured down the skincare aisle where I discovered what is now my favourite body moisturiser: Nip + Fab's Hyaluronic Fix Body Gel. I don't usually purchase body lotions all that often as I get incredibly lazy and don't seem to use up the ones I already have, but this one stood out to me as its texture is gel-like and not creamy like most moisturisers. I really cannot stand the greasiness of creams and hate standing around waiting for them to dry for what seems like hours on end, but with this one you don't have to. It glides onto the skin and isn't sticky in the slightest. LOVE.

Juicy Couture's Viva la Juicy has been my go-to perfume for years; this year is no different. I felt I had to include it in with the mix of my current favourites as I find myself (like many people) switching up my perfume according to the seasons. I went through a phase of using the Chloé Eau de Parfum, but have since swapped back to my well-loved, trusty Viva la Juicy.

Much like perfumes and body lotions, I'm always switching up the products I use on my face. I love this L'oreal Triple Active Fresh moisturiser at the moment which I've been using both morning and night. It's another gel-like texture which is super light and absorbs instantly into the skin. I'm sure I've already raved about this in a previous blogpost,  but it's such a lovely product I just had to give it another mention.

I bought this L'oreal #TXT Volume Spray on a whim the other day when I looked in the mirror and caught a glimpse of my hair looking rather depressed and lifeless. Naturally my hair is quite wavy and thick so I don't struggle with volume unless I've straightened my hair too much at the roots, but on this particular day it was just looking lank and weighed down. I spotted this volume spray in Boots and thought I'd give it a try. It's similar to a dry shampoo in the sense that you spray it into sections of your hair and use your fingertips to rub it in, but the great thing about this product is that it doesn't leave your hair feeling starchy and full of powdery residue. I've used it quite a few times now and so far, so good. It adds an instant lift and really helps to perk up the hair.

What are your current favourite products so far this month?


Thursday, 5 November 2015

Do you ever find yourself aimlessly scrolling through the photos on your phone when you discover a picture that you have absolutely no recollection of? Well, that happened to me just now. Believe it or not I took the above photo over four months ago with the intention of uploading it to my Instagram account, but for some reason or another it got lost amongst the mass of selfies and holiday snaps.

My makeup routine has changed massively since July though - surprisingly I don't use many of the products pictured on a daily basis anymore as they have more than likely been stashed away in a makeup box and completely forgotten about!

The Maybelline 'Baby Lips' lip balm and the 'Photo Flawless' primer by Seventeen are still used on a daily basis, though. The primer is silicone-based so it helps to smooth out the skin's surface and create an even base for foundation, and the lip balm is great at adding instant moisture to the lips. The 'Falsies' mascara was also a favourite that I used everyday until it ran out, but I haven't yet repurchased it as I found a stack of mascaras hiding in a spare makeup bag the other day. The same applies to the Maybelline 'Better Skin' concealer, which I found great for hiding under-eye circles but slightly too dark for blemishes.

I purchased The Balm's 'Mary-Lou Manizer' after seeing numerous YouTube Beauty Gurus rave about it but in all honesty, I'd say I've only used it a handful of times - it's been sat on my chest of drawers for weeks! It's very pigmented so a little definitely goes a long way - a light dusting above the cheekbones is all you need to create a lovely highlight.

I tried using the 'Supercat' liquid eyeliner by Soap & Glory the other day for the first time in a while and I just couldn't get my wings even (#firstworldproblems). I'll probably stick it back in my makeup box for now until I can find the time to sit down and watch hours of tutorials to get myself back on track (or back on fleek!).
The same goes for the Sigma 'Brow Duo'. I have used it a few times with a Mac 266 brush but I do prefer using a brow pencil overall - it's a lot quicker and so much easier when trying to get the brows to look somewhat even. 

Last of all is the Mac blush in 'Springsheen'. This is lovely during the spring and summer months as it's a very shimmery, peach-toned shade, but for the winter months I prefer a darker, matte shade like Rimmel's blush in 'Smoked Oyster'.

Oh, and the Real Techniques brush are still used on the daily. How could I ever forget about those?!