Saturday, 28 June 2014

Just three nights ago I was sat in a hotel lobby, becoming somewhat attached to using the free WiFi. Of course, this meant scrolling aimlessly through my Twitter, Instagram and YouTube feeds... which is when I stumbled across a new video from Tanya Burr. It instantly caught my attention as I was expecting a fashion or beauty-related video, but instead it was a recipe for a Healthy Green Smoothie. Now, seeing as I was in the middle of a Spanish hotel, I wasn't able to rush out and find the right ingredients and let alone find a blender, so I decided to save watching the video until I got home the following day. On arriving home, the cupboards were bare, the fridge was empty and the stack of fresh fruit in the fruit bowl was non-existent, so it became obvious that an emergency trip to Morrisons was going to have to be made ASAP. This gave me the perfect opportunity to stock up on the ingredients needed to make Tanya's green smoothie!

Once you've scouted your ingredients, it is best to chop it all up as finely as possible to help reduce the amount of work your blender has to do. After placing it all into the blender, you can begin blitzing!

When the ingredients have been completely blended, you can add juice or water to create a runnier consistency. If you prefer a thicker smoothie, simply use less liquid :)

In all honesty, I wouldn't say I was a great lover of smoothies.. the last one I made was quite revolting. But I decided to give this one a go and I'm so glad I did. It's so simple to make and most importantly, it is actually drinkable- it tastes great! 

Many thanks to Tanya for the recipe, be sure to check out her video here :)