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Highstreet/Drugstore NovemBrr Skincare Essentials

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Hello everyone!

So as I'm sure you are all aware it's getting towards the end of November already... where has the time gone?! Personally I despise this time of the year. The nights are drawing in, the temperature rarely reaches double figures and I'm pretty sure you can count the amount of times you see the sun shining on one hand. All in all, I find this weather can really cause havoc on your skin; making it appear dry, dull and a bit lifeless. However, fear not, as I was having a good rummage around in my make up bag and discovered a few little gems that might just get your skin glowing again through these harsh winter months. Best of all, you can pick all of these little skin-saviours up in your local Boots!

Simple Kind To Skin Light Moisturiser
First up is moisturiser, which is essential for keeping your skin hydrated. I picked up this Simple Kind To Skin Moisturiser a few months back which I like to apply before my make up to prevent my skin from getting dry throughout the day. It's a light consistency and doesn't feel too heavy when you apply it to the skin, which is always something I like in a moisturiser (I hate the greasy feel you get from moisturisers that don't sink in fast enough!) I also find that a good moisturiser will allow your foundation to glide on evenly, instead of clinging to any dry patches that you may have. It's an added bonus that this moisturiser is suitable for sensitive skin, meaning it's free from any harsh chemicals that could cause irritation. All in all this is a great product suitable for any skin type, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and nourished all day.

Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-on
Next up is the Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark Circles Eye Roll-on in the colour Fair. I've been wanting to try this product out ever since it was first released as I have awfully dark under-eye circles that refuse to budge, but I was always persuaded by my mum to just "drink more water and go to bed earlier." However, waking up ridiculously early in the morning is starting to take its toll and I decided enough was enough, so a few weeks back I popped into Boots and picked this up in the hope of banishing the dreaded dark rings that lurked under my eyes, and I'm so glad I did. I have to say I actually LOVE this, the roller ball glides the product smoothly under the eyes allowing you to target the dark circles with precision, and I really like the consistency; it's light but has a high coverage in order to tackle the dark under-eye circles. I like to apply this before my foundation and then set it with a small amount of powder, which I've found is vital if you want to stop it from budging in the day. 

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

Now onto foundation. I bought this back in the summer in the colour 103 True Ivory, as I wanted something yellow-toned to counteract the redness I have in my pink-toned skin. I find this colour a perfect match for my skin; not too dark and not too light. It contains SPF 18 and gives a lovely subtle glow without looking oily. I would say this gives a light coverage, but once you've built up the colour with blusher and bronzer you're good to go!

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
I fell in love with this brush the very first time I used it. It gives the most perfect, flawless finish when used with liquid foundations, and the density of the bristles allows you to build up the coverage on any problem areas. As you can see from the picture, the bottom of this brush (as with many other Real Techniques brushes) is completely flat, allowing it to stand up if you want to reach for it in a hurry or if you want to display your brushes on your dressing table. I honestly think this is the best brush I've ever used for applying foundation. I've used various flat foundation brushes before, but nothing has ever come close to giving me such a perfect finish as the Expert Face Brush does. The Real Techniques Stippling Brush is another close favourite of mine which also gives you a flawless finish, though I feel the bristles on the stippling brush are less dense and so they work better with lighter foundations and BB creams.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
Whether you have dry, combination or oily skin, a powder is a must-have staple that everybody has in their make up bags. I picked this up after seeing so many beauty bloggers rave about it, and for the price I totally agree that you cannot go wrong with this. With combination to oily skin, I notice that my T-Zone in particular begins to get oily throughout the day, but since using this powder I feel my make up lasts longer and the areas on and around my nose appear less shiny than before. I bought this is the colour Transparent, which means that when it's applied over foundation it won't alter the colour in any way. A real essential at an affordable price, you can't go wrong!
Rimmel Lasting Finish Mono Blush in Bronze
This will probably seem really odd, but this is the first blusher I have ever bought.. EVER. *Gasp* Throughout my teenage years I've always steered clear from blusher, mainly because I thought it would just add to the redness in my cheeks and make me look like a clown, but I discovered this when I was mooching around Boots and I found this: a Rimmel blusher in the colour Bronze. That may seem a little bit pointless to some of you as essentially this is a bronzer, but that's what I like about it. In the winter months your skin is generally a lot paler due to the lack of sunlight, and so I picked this up because I thought I could use it for its main purpose of being a blusher for the apples of my cheeks, but also along the cheekbones as a light alternative to a bronzer, as a lot of my bronzers are now too dark or orange-toned for my skin at this time of the year. I wouldn't say it's amazingly pigmented, but in a way I find that a godsend because it means I don't use too much when I'm frantically trying to apply it at 7am in awful lighting. Overall it does a good job of adding colour to the face, which is exactly what you need to prevent yourself from looking washed out in the winter.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Lip Balm
So this next product doesn't really belong in the skincare category, but nonetheless it is an essential. Ever since going to Portugal earlier this year and getting a cold sore from exposing my lips to the sun without having them SPF protected, I've carried a lip balm everywhere with me. The cold weather is equally as damaging to your lips, which can leave them dry and chapped if you don't regularly give them a bit of moisture. I bought this for one reason in particular, which was because of the smell. It smells AMAZING. If you like the smell of chocolate or y ou're familiar with the Palmers Cocoa Butter Body Lotion, you will love this. It's super nourishing and even has SPF 15 if the sun does decide to make a little appearance any time soon!

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick
The last essential I have for you is another not-really-skincare-but-lipcare-instead product: the Colour Sensational Lipstick by Maybelline in the colour 'Choco Pop'. I've never been a huge fan of lipsticks as I find a lot of them are too mattifying, however this one is extremely rich and moisturising, leaving your lips feeling smooth and nourished. I also really like the colour of this one; it's a lovely medium-brown colour which is perfect for this time of year when you want something a little bit darker, and it has a lovely soft, pearl finish. I love the packaging too, the shiny, mirrored casing makes this product look a lot more expensive and high-end; a real must-have for winter.

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  1. I love the Rimmel pressed powder! Definitely a makeup staple.