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Affordable Au Naturel Neutral Palettes

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Hello everyone,

First things first, it's 2014, meaning it has been two months since my last blog post... *hangs head in shame*. With Christmas, coursework deadlines and a stack of books to be read, it has been pretty hectic recently, so as a result my little blog has been put on the back burner. However, the good news is I am back, hoorah! Over the festive period I wore a lot more eye make up than usual, (glittery eye shadow is an absolute necessity at Christmas, right?) So to be kind to my eyes this January, I thought I'd steer clear of dark eye shadows (and the badly-applied liquid eyeliner.. oops) and embrace the soft and natural neutrals. As a blue-eyed girl, I've always loved neutral colours, they are far more flattering and easier on the eye in my opinion. Despite never owning any of the Urban Decay 'Naked' Palettes, (*sad face*) I thought I would put together a selection of my favourite affordable, neutral-shade eye palettes, so let's begin.

Ahh, the good old W7 'Autumn Eyes' palette. I've had this for what seems like a lifetime, and it's still going strong.  The colours range from dark greys to light golds, and I particularly like that there are lighter shades in the centre of each eyeshadow (the lightest colour in the centre of the second eyeshadow makes a beautiful highlighter when used underneath the brow bone.) All of the shadows in this palette have a slight shimmer to them, but they're definitely not too overpowering. As for colour pay-off, I wouldn't say the colours are extremely pigmented by any means, but when I apply them in the morning, they do last a respectable amount of time.. and that's without using a primer beforehand! With a little bit of googling I found this online at around £3.00, COMPLETE BARGAIN.

The next set of neutrals I've been loving recently are from the Soap & Glory 'Lid Stuff' palette in 'What's Nude'. This little quad has the perfect combination of light and dark colours which are all matte, except for the bottom-right eyeshadow 'Aubersheen'- a metallic plum shade. Pigmentation wise, these are pretty good. The 'Pink T' shade is definitely the most pigmented in my opinion, followed by 'Vanilla'. The back of the packaging states that they are wearable for 8 hours which I wouldn't necessarily agree with, as after a few hours the colours do begin to fade. However I am fond of the texture of these eyeshadows, they're super-soft and not crumbly in the slightest, meaning no fall-down.. YAY. My favourite from this palette has to be the shade 'Vanilla'. It's perfect to use on the lid as a base or just underneath the brow as a highlight. I usually run 'Mudhoney' through the crease and 'Aubersheen' in the outer corners, just to add a little more definition. Out of all three palettes, this is the only one not to have a mirror, which may be a problem if you don't have one to hand. Other than that, it would be perfect for travelling and the packaging is pretty sturdy.

This is available to buy from Boots and I believe it's £10.00, which is worth every penny for four good-quality eyeshadows.

Last but by no means least is the newest neutral palette I have in my rather-small collection. I ordered this online after seeing it in one of Ruth's videos (aka A Model Recommends on YouTube.) It's the Avon True Colour Palette in 'Nudes'. There are eight colours in total, some shimmery and some matte. As with the first palette mentioned, I like how there's a mirror included in the compact; it makes it so much easier if you're out and about or travelling.

Unlike the other two palettes, there are two sponge applicators included, which is useful if you need to touch up your make-up. Personally I like to use a brush to pack on these eyeshadows, but the sponge applicators would be ideal if you don't have a brush handy or again, if you're travelling. The shades are light to apply and very subtle in colour; ideal to wear on a day when you don't want to wear too much make-up. As previously mentioned, I ordered this from Avon online (Unfortunately I can't find a link, it seems Avon are having a little play around with their website.) If I remember correctly, I think it was half price at around £6.00- even my mum couldn't resist buying one for herself! To get a real sense of what the colours are like, check out Ruth's video here :)

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