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Mini Break: Barcelona

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This time exactly two weeks ago I began trekking up numerous steps to reach Gaudí's ever-so-wonderful Park Güell, situated on Carmel Hill with breathtaking views overlooking the whole of Barcelona. Today, however, I'm back at home slumped on the sofa reminiscing about my time in Spain and experiencing what I'd like to call 'PHD' (post-holiday depression, FYI).

Day One
The first day consisted of waking up at 3:00am (much to my delight) and heading off to the airport. I idiotically didn't go to bed until 11:30pm the previous evening as I was faffing around with my hand luggage and researching "Barcelona Fashion in Autumn" for waaay longer than necessary. Surviving on three and a half hours sleep was NOT fun, but I managed to sneak in a little siesta* when I got to the apartment.

*Side note: the thirty minute siesta somehow turned into a three hour sleep... I was completely ZONKED.

As I siesta'd for a little longer than planned, I woke up feeling rather groggy but didn't want to waste the rest of the day moping around in the apartment, so I pulled myself together and headed out to explore the area. 

Being located on the outskirts of Barcelona meant there wasn't an awful lot to see or do besides food shopping in the Mercadona, but the transport links were excellent and having a tram stop just a five minute walk away meant it was incredibly easy to travel into the city.

The view from the balcony
Day Two
Ah, the day when the real exploring began. After filling up on breakfast it was time to catch the tram to the nearest metro stop. Much like a London Travelcard, you can purchase a ticket which allows you access to the trams, buses and metros. What's even better is that it's just €9.95 and entitles you to use it for ten journeys, so you can hop on and off various methods of transport until your heart's content!

The first port of call was, of course, Las Ramblas. I was hit by a sense of familiarity here as just a couple of years ago my parents, my brother and I had all visited Barcelona on a day trip and it really brought back memories of when we used to have such lovely family days out. Near the end of the street you reach The Columbus Monument (Mirador de Colom) where you can cross the road and head over the bridge towards the shopping centre, Maremagnum. I remember this is exactly where my family had lunch, overlooking the marina.


Next stop was visiting the Gothic Quarter, but en route I couldn't help but notice the Arc de Triompf. Unfortunately it had started to rain quite heavily at this point which resulted in me dashing back the the nearest metro station, however I did manage to get a few quick shots beforehand.

Day Three
The day I hiked up to Park Güell. It was well worth it, though! Although rather tiring, it was a good leg workout to say the least and the views were breathtaking. You do have to pay an entry fee if you wish to access the 'Monumental Zone', but it is free if you wish to wander around the outside perimeter of the park.

A song to sum up this picture: 'The Climb' by Miley Cyrus! #SoSteep

It was so interesting to see the different types of architecture within the park - just look at the intricate mosaic patterns!

I was particularly fond of this little gingerbread house, another of Gaudí's designs. It's so cute!

Day Four
The last full day of the trip *sob*. As my brother and his girlfriend had briefly visited Barcelona for a day back in June, they recommended going to see Mount Tibidabo, a five hundred and twenty meter high mountain offering spectacular views of the city and surrounding coastline. 

The top of the mountain also featured an amusement park and a church... talk about juxtaposition!

After exploring Mount Tibidabo, I paid a visit to the Sagrada Família, one of Barcelona's most popular tourist attractions. There is still construction work taking place on certain parts of the cathedral, but luckily I managed to take photos from the opposite side so it didn't detract from the beauty of this incredible piece of architecture.

Noticed these two beauties whilst having lunch - so adorable!
Day Five
The day I travelled back home to dreary old England. I had such an amazing time in Barcelona, even if it was only for four short days! Whenever I go on mini-breaks I always think it's important to see and do as much as you can so you really make the most out of the trip. (Did I ever tell you the time I walked over 30,000 steps a.k.a over 23km in a day around Paris?!) 

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¡Hasta luego!


All photos were taken by myself using a Canon Powershot SX220. If you would like to use any of the photos featured above, please contact me first. 

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