Friday, 7 October 2016

MALAGA: Outfits Diary

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A couple of days ago I arrived back in the UK after spending a week in sunny Spain. I know you're probably thinking "whaaat, another holiday?!", but the past couple of months have been a bit bleugh and I just felt I needed to get away and head to Malaga, which is practically my second home.

Honestly, I would have to say it was one of the best holidays I have ever had. The hotel was meh in places, but there was a sea view if you cricked your neck around far enough and the other side of the balcony overlooked some beautiful Spanish buildings that looked like Mr Kipling's French Fancies

The main reason I enjoyed it so much was because of all the different places I went to. It felt as if every single day was an adventure. Since losing my dad almost four years ago, family holidays don't exist anymore. It's just my mum and myself now, as understandably my older brother plans his own trips with his girlfriend. Whilst in Spain, we met up with a friend who took us to places I didn't even know existed. It was like having a personal tour guide! He showed us little bars tucked away on the seafront where you can go and watch the sunset, let us have a walk along the pier belonging to the Marbella Club Hotel and told us all the inside gossip on the popular hotspots of the rich and famous in Puerto Banus. On top of that, we drove all the way to Gibraltar! It was so surreal. 

I say this every time, but I really didn't want to come home. Every place we visited felt like paradise.

I seem to recall in one of my previous holiday posts I included 'OOTD' photos, where I emphasised how I am by no means a model but just someone who would like to share my outfit choices with you. So yeah, we're doing it again. (And for the record, I am still not a model).

Dress - Topshop
Heels - ASOS

Sunglasses - H&M
Dress - Ralph Lauren
Sandals - UGG
T Shirt - Topshop
Dress - Zara
Sandals - UGG

Dress - H&M
Heels - ASOS

Crop Top - TK Maxx
Midi Skirt - Bershka
Heels - ASOS

If you'd like to check out more holiday snaps, feel free to follow my instagram: @xchloeanne. After having such a dreamy week, I have major post-holiday depression now I'm getting back into the swing of work, but something's gotta pay for these trips, right?!

Hope you all enjoy the weekend!



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