Friday, 24 July 2015

Life Ramble: Mini-breaks & Sweaty Feet

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While i'll admit i'm no great lover of the rain, there's nothing I enjoy more than popping the kettle on, brewing the world's strongest black coffee and fetching last years onesie out from under the bed so I snuggle up on the sofa for a good few hours. Today is certainly one of those days (yes it is July, but it is England i'm talking about). What better way to spend a dull, dreary day than loading Expedia up on my iPad and searching for a last-minute, three-day break somewhere hot and exotic.

After hours of trawling the web comparing hotels and flight prices I feel i've made headway into actually booking somewhere during October, yippee! Many of you probably already know that I work in a shoe shop, and the weeks leading up to when the children go back to school is a NIGHTMARE let me tell you. Think walking upstairs into a vibrant, shoe-filled room where you're greeted by screaming infants and groups of families impatiently waving tickets in the air hoping to be the next ones that are served. I do like my job and my shifts soon whizz by when it's busy, but when you're continuously serving one family after the next for hours on end it can feel a little bit like you're working behind a till in a supermarket - the families are the groceries on the conveyor belt and i'm the cashier trying to scan everything through the till at 100mph... see what I mean?! On top of that you have every single type of foot to contend with: wide, narrow, small, big, young, old, bunioned, smelly... the list is endless and quite frankly i've had to stop before I start thinking up excuses as to why I can't possibly work tomorrow. 

Anyway, back to holidays. I've been fortunate enough to visit many of Spain's provinces while I was growing up as the country has always been a family favourite. My parents were always jetting off to Spain long before I was even born so I guess it's just been instilled in me to love travelling there too. While i'm not too fussed about which area to visit, Mallorca has caught my eye as Palma airport has plenty of hotels nearby - perfect for when you're only holidaying for a few days. This is always a factor I take into consideration as there'd be nothing worse than going on a short break only to spend a large proportion of time (and euros) travelling to and from the airport. I'll be sure to update this post to let you know if this goes ahead or not, but for now i'd like everybody to keep their fingers crossed so I can be up, up and away from the UK!

UPDATE: The (much needed) short break went ahead, hurrah! Although, the original plan of visiting Mallorca went completely out the window and I actually ended up in Barcelona for four days! You can read more about that here.

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