Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Heels & Wedges Collection

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It's certainly no secret that I'm a bit of a shoe fanatic - working in a shoe shop definitely doesn't help! You may have noticed that all of the shoes pictured above have something in common... that thing being the colour. I always buy black shoes; in my opinion they're the most versatile as they can be worn with pretty much any other colour and you know you haven't the problem of trying to match them up with your outfit. I tend to only wear heels on a special occasion and to me, black just makes everything look smarter and a bit more formal - you can't go wrong!

First up is this black pair of heels I bought from New Look last summer. They have zips at the back and straps across the front to help keep your feet in place, so if you're anything like me and have narrow ankles, rest assured - they won't be falling off your feet! I've only worn these once; they're not as high as some of the other shoes I own but  I find them harder to walk in as they don't have a platform.

Next are these wedges, again from New Look. They have lovely cutout detailing along the sides with a peep toe at the front. I bought these a few years ago but have only worn them once or twice as I forgot all about them! I think they'd be lovely with a long maxi dress to give you a bit of extra height, but they still great paired with jeans for a more casual look.

These are perhaps the highest heels I own at 12cm high but they're surprisingly comfortable and thanks to the platform at the front, they're rather easy to walk in. I ordered these online from Kurt Geiger last year as I've always wanted a pair of classic black pumps - they look good with everything! But, my issue with these came with trying to get them to stay on my feet. Working in a shoe shop taught me a few little tricks, though - using half insoles in the front helps to get rid of some of the depth in the shoe and pushes your foot towards the back, helping your feet to stay in place. I also had to use really thin full insoles in these as they stretched slightly after wearing them, but I think I've finally managed to keep them from slipping off!

This is yet another pair I bought from New Look. I guess these are in-between being a shoe and a boot, commonly known as a shoe-boot surprisingly... haha. I love the cutout detailing on these, the pattern looks almost like flower petals which gives a slight feminine feel to the shoe. I have a feeling these would look great with a skater style dress but again, wearing them with black trousers would create a smarter, more formal look.

Ah, these are probably the most impractical shoes of the bunch. Again, I got these from New Look (surprise surprise!) These are probably classed as more of a boot, but I added them into the collection anyway due to their really thin stiletto-like heels. These are rather difficult to walk in to be honest - the last time I wore them I noticed that my weight shifted towards the front and it was hard to balance on the heels due to their tiny surface area. To make matters worse I was trying to walk in these down a gradient and ended up having to take baby steps at a snails pace!

Last of all are these Redherring wedges that I picked up in Debenhams. These are so comfortable and again, they go with everything. I've only ever worn these around the house as they were another pair that I'd put in the wardrobe and sadly forgot about, but they're lovely and such a classic style.

I hope that was somewhat interesting for you... personally I love seeing other peoples shoes as I think you can tell so much about a person from the kind of shoes they wear! 

What are some of your shoe staples?


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