Saturday, 21 March 2015

Super-cute Spring/Summer Shoes!

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When I have a day off there's always one activity that springs to mind... one which usually involves me scurrying through my purse looking for any form of useable currency or guiltily handing over my debit card to the sales assistant. You've probably guessed by now that I am indeed talking about shopping, and when I spot bargains or any kind of price reduction I'M THERE.

Today's purchase came from TK Maxx, which has recently become a favourite shop of mine. You can find all sorts of designer brands at amazingly discounted prices whether it's homeware, clothing, handbags, shoes... basically every girl's dream, right?

I don't usually bother looking around the shoe section as I used to find the nicest shoes in smaller sizes and could never find them in the size 6 section! However today I found these little beauties; they're the Ralph Lauren 'Polly' Sneakers which usually retail at £65, but I picked them up for just£24.99!

Being predominantly white makes them incredibly versatile as they'll go with pretty much anything - especially denim jeans for a simple, casual look.

They're so comfy and lightweight too... two necessities when looking for that perfect spring/summer daytime shoe.

What do you think of them? What do you usually like to wear on your feet during the warmer months? 


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