Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Mini Soap and Glory Haul


I always find myself unable to resist buying Soap and Glory products. I mainly put this down to their cute, girly packaging that catches my eye whenever I go into Boots, but I suppose my terrible lack of self-control doesn't help either. Today was no different, and despite only buying a few products, I still felt somewhat guilty handing my money and Boots Advantage Card over to the cashier. I figured I wouldn't be feeling this way if I actually needed these items in my make up collection, but the 3 for 2 offer was on so you can hardly walk away with just one item... right?

For a while now I've found myself having a love/hate relationship with my eyebrows. For starters, I find it almost impossible to get them looking remotely similar on both sides, and I must spend a good 20 minutes on them some days which really isn't ideal. Today I decided enough was enough, and after spending hours last night watching endless beauty gurus rave on about the Soap and Glory Archery Bow Tint and Pencil, I decided I had to go and purchase it.

Having medium to dark brown hair, I always struggle to decide what colour brow products to buy, but luckily for me this pencil only comes in two shades; Love is Blonde and Brownie Points, so you can probably tell which one I opted for. The thing I like most about this product is that it is double ended, consisting of a fine-tipped brow tint on the left and a pencil on the right. The packaging instructs you to use the left side first, using light, feathery strokes to fill in any gaps in your brows. To add more 'oomph' and definition you can use the pencil over the top. I've found that combining the two is definitely the most effective way to achieve perfect brows, and after just one use I feel like I may have finally found my Holy Grail brow product!

Before discovering this little gem, I was convinced that the only way to have perfectly defined brows was to jump on the bandwagon and buy a Mac 266 brush and fill my brows in with a powder. Of course this doesn't come cheap, which is why I plummeted for the £10 option from Soap and Glory. I'll admit that for a brow product it is priced a little steep, but it's incredibly difficult to find a decent brow product for anything less, so for me it's definitely worth it.

I must already own close to a trillion-and-one concealers, but I've heard so many things about this one that I simply couldn't not try it out for myself. I may have only used this once so far, but I already feel that this really lives up to it's name- it honestly does kick ass. First of all there are two shades; one peach-toned designed for under-eye circles and one yellow-toned to use for concealing spots. Not only this, but there's also a secret compartment at the top containing a translucent setting powder to set everything in place. The concealers have a creamy consistency making them easy to blend and so far I've found that a little goes a long way. With many people comparing this to the £29 Laura Mercier Undercover Pot, this is definitely a great alternative at a fraction of the price! (Available here).

Having swooned over the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks for quite long enough, I decide it was finally time to try one out. I picked Bashful- a super-glossy light pink shade. I used to shy away from lip glosses as I used to find them quite drying, but if anything, this is the exact opposite. It glides effortlessly onto the lips leaving them feeling instantly moisturised, and it smells incredible. With the warmer weather coming, I think these would be a perfect alternative to ordinary lip glosses as they provide moisture as well as a pop of colour.

What are your favourite products from Soap and Glory? :)



  1. seen everybody talking about the soap and glory archery brow pen.. definitely want to go buy it! x

    1. Aah you should go for it, it's brilliant! Xx