Thursday, 13 March 2014

Haul | Beauty Bargains from Boots

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Despite feeling quite content with my skincare and make up products at the moment, I simply cannot walk past Boots without popping in and having a little nosey around to check out the latest offers and bargains. Over the past week alone I must have gone into Boots more than a handful of times, and of course I couldn't walk away empty handed when there's a 3 for 2 on. I thought I'd compile a few recent purchases into one blog post instead of reviewing everything separately, so here we go!

If you've read my first ever blog post, it'll come as no surprise to you to know that I am slightly obsessed with making sure all traces of make up are successfully removed from my face. When I was prowling down the aisle in Boots I came across this: the  Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I believe this may have been on offer when I bought it but I'm not 100% sure, although at full price it retails at £4.99 for 400ml which I think is very reasonable. The bottle states that it removes make up, cleanses and soothes, which I definitely agree with. It's incredibly gentle on the skin and it doesn't leave your face feeling dehydrated afterwards, which I used to find with other 'water-like' cleansers. I cannot compare this to the likes of Taaj or Bioderma as this is the first Micellar Water I have used, but I'm pretty sure it does the same job at a fraction of the price. It's interesting to note that if you use 2ml of product at a time, you'll get a whopping 200 uses from just one bottle... perfect if you're looking for an effective make up remover on a budget!

Another skincare product I bought was the Eucerin DermatoCLEAN Calrifying Toner. I've owned a number of different toners in the past as I really like how they leave your skin feeling refreshed after cleansing. This was a bit of an impulse buy as I do already have a Garnier toner stashed away in a drawer somewhere, but recently my skin has gone rather dry in patches so I wanted something gentle enough to cleanse my skin without causing further irritation. This has been doing the job perfectly, it soothes your skin as opposed to stinging it and leaves it feeling super clean and refreshed, what more could you want?

This last skincare-related product was placed on the clearance shelf in Boots for the extraordinary price of £1... and of course I just couldn't resist. After having a quick browse on Google I've come to the conclusion that Boots no longer sell this or it's unavailable; it isn't being sold on their website any more which perhaps explains why it was reduced in-store. Anyway, this is the Witch Anti-Blemish Skin Clearing Primer. I've started using a primer more recently to prevent any oil building up throughout the day, so I thought I'd try this one out to see how it compares to the one I've been using from Seventeen (featured in this blog post.) Consistency-wise, it feels more like a moisturiser than a primer, but that could be because I'm used to the feel of silicone primers. It absorbs quickly into the skin leaving your face feeling smooth and ready for foundation, and I particularly like that it's oil and fragrance free meaning there are no nasty chemicals going to irritate your skin. In all honesty, I have only used this once or twice since I got it so I don't really have an opinion on it as of yet, but i'm sure it'll grow on me the more I use it. Despite it being unavailable at Boots, it is still being sold at Superdrug and I believe at full price it costs around £6.99.

Ahh, now onto the 3 for 2 beauty bargains. First of all, I really LOVE the plain old pressed powders from Collection. I'll admit they don't look anything special, but for the price of £1.99 they do a pretty good job of reducing shine. I'm particularly fond of the shade 'Translucent', as it's very yellow-toned and I like to counteract some of the pink in my skin. Funnily enough I actually picked up the wrong shade in this, as I thought their other shade 'Candlelight' was the one I was looking for with the yellow undertones, but for some reason it contrasts entirely with the name and is in fact lighter than the one in 'Translucent' (verrry bizarre). 

The next thing I bought was this Collection 'Intense Colour' eyeliner  in the colour 'Birdy Song' (how cute is the name?!) I was after a brown eyeliner for a while, as I think it really compliments blue eyes and isn't as full-on and dramatic as black... perfect for days when you want to wear less make-up. I have to say, I'm actually very impressed with this. I've had hundreds of inexpensive eyeliners in the past that have all felt scratchy, so I didn't hold out much hope for this one. It's pleasantly surprised me though, as it's very pigmented, applies smoothly and can be blended out easily for a more smoky look. (£1.99, available here.)

Last but by no means least is this Natural Collection Colour Corrector. I've never tried one of these before, but it caught my eye while I was mooching around looking for something to make up (excuse the pun) my 3 items in order to only pay for 2. From what I know, the green counteracts the redness in your skin, so I've been dabbing this over any areas prone to redness and blending it in, adding a little bit of concealer over the top before applying foundation. Now, it is a little scary at first, (I looked somewhat like Casper the Friendly Ghost the first time I used this) but after adding some concealer over the top and blending it in, I do think it makes a difference in reducing redness, and at £1.99 it's an absolute bargain.

Have you bought any beauty bargains recently?

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